Frequently Asked Questions

Level I FAQ

Is this course for people who want to teach or can I attend just to learn more about yoga?
Many people attend these training sessions to learn more about the postures, benefits and alignments for their own body and/or to take time to connect to themselves and deepen their yoga practice. Each session typically has a mix of people exploring the possibility of teaching and those attending with the objective of finding more clarity in their life and connection to yoga.

Do I need to be a “yoga expert” to take this training?
Nope! This training is designed to work with wherever you are at in your yoga journey. It is best to have 6 months to a year of practice prior to attending. People have attended in the past with just a little experience, along side those who have been practicing for many years. The course typically has a nice balance of experience, ages and objectives. It seems the right group always comes together for an amazing experience.

Will it be HOT in the room for the whole course?
The course is conducted in normal room temperature. During the course the lectures, small group sessions, posture clinics, and practice teaching are all conducted at normal room temperature. During the course we will take some yoga classes together as a group, some of these will be done in the heat.

Can I teach yoga as soon as I complete this course?
Upon completion of the Level I course you will receive a 100hr Yoga Teaching Certificate. Some people who have attended only the 100hr session (who wanted to teach) have been able to start teaching after obtaining their 100 hr. training certificate, but most studios (and insurance companies) are now requiring a 200hr certificate of training prior to hiring or insuring yoga teachers. This training follows the Yoga Alliance (YA) guidelines and is a YA registered course, upon completion of the 200hrs. you are eligible to become a YA registered instructor. Some studios are requiring Yoga Alliance Certification, especially in the U.S. but it is getting more common in Canada as well. To obtain the YA certification you must attend a YA certified course. Check with the studio(s) you are interested in teaching as to their requirements.

Is my Teacher Training Certificate only good for teaching “Hot Yoga”?
Many people teach “non hot” yoga after the training, teaching at their place of work, schools community centers or studios that offer yoga in a non heated environments. In the course you learn about all things yoga; history, proper alignement, teaching methodology etc. We focus on the hot yoga sequences (ie VF, Hot 26, Energy/Moksha) but many who take this 200hr yoga course are planning to teach in “non hot” studios. After the course teachers are very qualified to teach yoga in heated or non heated environments.

What do I need to bring?
Just come with an inquiring mind and an open heart…..and get ready for an amazing adventure!

What is the process to register?
If interested in taking the course download the application from the “sign-up” page. Once the application is approved a $250.00 deposit must be made to register and reserve your spot in the course. These courses always fill well before the start date so apply early to the session you’d like to attend.

Level II FAQ

What if I don’t want to be a yoga teacher….can I still take this course?
​Yes, as long as you’ve taken the Level I training (or another 100hr or 200hr training) and have a desire to learn more about yoga. Just as a warning….many who say they don’t want to teach end up teaching!! If you want to receive a 200 hr Yoga Alliance certification you need to take all 200hrs from the same YA registered school.

Will we be doing handstands, one-handed wheels or other poses that are scary or hard to do?
​No. Yoga to me is about connecting our body, mind and spirit, healing the body and calming the mind. That is much more challenging to most of us then finding a new pose to try. I do believe that everyone should challenge themselves at their own level and for many people that may be as simple as backing off and relearning how to straighten the leg or breathe properly, or most importantly discovering how to calm the monkey mind we have that can interfere with almost everything we really value in life.

Will we work on more advanced poses?
​We will go over next steps in a few of the poses so that people who are ready can start to move deeper into their practice, but we work more on achieving mastery in our practice, our breathe and the healing aspects of yoga. Physically, emotionally and spirtiually. In our society there is so much focus on achieving the “next best thing” leading us to look for our value in our external accomplishments. This sometimes leads us to search for the next “challenge” pose (or job, relationship or whatever) believing once we achieve the next thing, we somehow have more value and are more worthy, and will be happier. When we can let go of that need to accomplish we find our real reward. Happiness and peace are achieved when we can find 100% acceptance of where we are at right now, finding mastery and joy in the present moment, then we create nirvana in our yoga practice and life.

What if I have to miss a session?
​It is best if you can make every session to get maximum benefits from the course. Since the course is held over many wkds sometimes it is necessary to miss a partial day. If this is the case please note it on your application.


  1. Completed a Level I training of at least 100 Hrs
  2. Committed to learning more about yoga and yourself
  3. Desire to have a more open heart and a more meaningful and fulfilling life

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