Course Schedule

Level I Intensive Teacher Training

This course is a process of transformation and renewal for those who want to teach and for those who may not want to teach but would like to transform their practice and life. It is an opportunity to learn to meld the perfect blend of technical knowledge and spirituality into your practice and teaching style. It is an opportunity to grow, connect and contribute.

The course includes detailed exploration of the postures, philosophy, sequencing, alignment, breathing, adjustments, timing, practice teaching and injury prevention. Throughout the process, we emphasize training the mind, establishing self esteem, integrating breath and movement. Teaching a dynamic hot yoga class is a different process than teaching non-heated classes. We will focus on energy, inspiration, timing, projection and managing a heated room safely.

This training sets the stage and foundation for new teachers to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to develop into seasoned high impact teachers. During the course you will also have the opportunity to discover more about yourself, self acceptance, inner surrender and clarify the unique gifts you are have to give the world. When we are clear about who we are, live an authentic life and give our gifts to the world we create fulfilling and meaningful lives, thus doing our part to make the world a better place.

Level I is a Yoga Alliance Registered Course. Upon completion, teachers will receive a 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Those who continue on to complete Level II 100 Hour Course will be able to register as a certified 200 Hour Instructor with Yoga Alliance.

Level II Intensive Teacher Training

The journey continues! Deepen your practice, connect with lifelong friends and create even more fulfillment and meaning in your life! Discover how to teach with more passion and ease. This course is the final step in the Yoga Alliance certification process providing the final 100 Hours required to obtain a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification.

Level II is about going deeper into your yoga practice both physically and spiritually; becoming an authentic teacher and living with true peace and happiness.
True happiness comes from the ability to be still and discover what is real and meaningful to us…and taking this knowledge and spreading the joy and kindness we feel in our heart to others. When we live from the truth in our heart and soul, we end up creating amazing lives. Learning how to release the ego and connect more with our spirituality and live in the present moment. Only then can we build a path to more fulfillment, happiness and more love.

From a personal practice perspective, we work on our deepening our yoga practice through finding ground, strength focus and energy in practice. We identify and remove barriers and mental blocks that will help create synergy and ease in practice and life. Delving deeper into breath and focus to create calm minds and strong healthy bodies. Focusing on a deeper understanding of how the body and mind work together to heal the body.

From a teaching perspective, we focus on teaching from our own voice and soul. From our heart. Continuing working with proper queues, timing, alignment, energy and synergy but also focusing deeply on our personal transformation to teach a dynamic and powerful class. The ultimate focus in teaching is to become our authentic selves and once uncovering this secret, being able to convey our truth and passion to our students.

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