Founded by Kim McMullen, owner of the first hot yoga studio, Calgary Hot Yoga, in Calgary, Alberta. Alberta Hot Yoga Teacher Training has become the most sought after and longest running Hot Yoga Teacher Training program in Alberta and beyond. In these past 12 years the growth of Alberta Hot Yoga Training has been tremendous, conducting teacher training primarily in the Calgary area and more recently in Red Deer and Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Due to the high demand we have experienced we have decided to continue our growth and expand even further.

Darcy Diep, owner of Red Deer Hot Yoga, has partnered with Kim which has facilitated our goals for continued growth, to reach you, aspiring yoga instructors. The driving force behind our teacher training are two of the most respected Hot Yoga Studio owners and teacher trainers Kim McMullen and Darcy Diep. They have joined forces to create a unique partnership which will infuse Alberta Hot Yoga Training with the technical teaching skills required as well as the beautiful yogic philosophy that pushes practitioners to discover themselves and in turn find fulfillment in their lives. This is a program that provides the perfect balance to deliver to our participants the skill and edge required to provide success; professionally and personally. Alberta Hot Yoga Training isn’t just a training program, it’s a journey!

​Kim McMullen

Director/Course Instructor

I opened the first hot yoga studio in Alberta (Calgary) in 2001 and owned and operated the studio for eleven years. Over the years I have taught and mentored some of the finest and most well respected Hot Yoga Teachers (and studio owners) in Alberta and beyond. It is truly exciting to see how much the Alberta Hot Yoga community has grown over the last 12 years.

I love yoga for so many reasons. The healing of the body, the calming of the mind and how it makes us feel more at peace. Beyond yoga, my passion in life has always been assisting people to create more meaningful and fulfilling lives. I’ve done this in many different ways over the years. It seems everything I have done up to this point in my life has melded into the teacher training courses I now conduct. The trainings are not just about learning more about yoga, but also about discovering more about ourselves.

In the 1990’s while living in Oregon (as a single mom with young twin daughters!) I decided that I was going to leave the comfort of my corporate job and take a new path in life. I made a commitment to myself: I was going to do work I loved, with people I love and create a simpler lifestyle. I wanted to create a more meaningful life that would allow me to focus on what I really valued; family and making a contribution in the world. I believed that there was more to life then a “typical” 40 or 50 hour a week job”.

Soon after this declaration (be careful what you wish for), I attended a course in Seattle where I met some people from Canada. The next thing I knew I was being recruited to work with a personal development company in Calgary that developed and conducted courses designed to help individuals find more meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life. Ultimately I became a co-owner of the company. After several years with this company I teamed up with a business partner and we co-owned another company that developed and conducted courses designed to facilitate entrepreneurs to build more meaningful businesses. Helping them transform their dreams into real world businesses that made money and made a bigger difference in the world. It was very fulfilling for me to successfully combine my business skills with my love of personal development to help people transition to a life that they loved.

In 2000, while still living in Calgary, I took a trip to Oregon where I discovered Hot Yoga. I loved it from the first class. The feeling of healing, challenge and spirituality all together in one experience. Upon my return to Calgary I found that there were no hot yoga studios in Alberta, so after some significant soul searching I decided to open Alberta’s first hot yoga studio. Operating the yoga studio over the years was fulfilling, amazing, connecting and transformational. Recently I decided to sell my yoga studio to have more time to focus on conducting my Teacher Training Courses, which I have been leading for eight years. The reason I love yoga is that I believe it is a perfect vehicle to help us open our hearts and become more authentic and compassionate while we heal the body. I believe we all have unique gifts to give the world and our real job is to discover our gifts and gain the confidence and faith to offer them to the world; each doing our part to make the world a better place. In doing so we create fulfilling and meaningful lives. This is what I’m passionate about. Join me in my Teacher Training Courses and transform your life!

​Darcy Diep

Director/Course Instructor

I have owned and operated a hot yoga studio since 2012. I am fascinated by all aspects of yoga, from philosophy and anatomy to the business side of things and I love nothing more than helping people find where yoga fits into their lives.

Through owning a studio and continuing my own learning I have been given the amazing opportunity to learn from and assist a wide range of Teacher Training Programs. This process allowed me to find clarity as both a student and as a teacher and led me to Alberta Hot Yoga Teacher Training. Working with Kim has been an incredibly cohesive and nurturing experience and I can’t wait to see where it leads!

Like Kim I left the comfort of a corporate job to find my passion. In 2009 I had been running my own Personal Training business and enjoying the flexibility of self-employment in small town Alberta. I craved knowledge and wanted to continue the growth of my business so I chose to move my family to Red Deer and go back to school. I studied Kinesiology with a focus on Adapted Physical Education and thoroughly enjoyed delving into the study of the human body and movement. As the program came to an end I found myself without a concrete plan and yet, even as a single mom with 2 small kids, I had faith that something good was coming!

I began my yoga practice in 2003, while I was still working at a desk job in office attire in that small town. That practice changed over the years, starting as a once a week class offered in a high school classroom and growing into a way of living. With my move to a bigger centre the options for Yoga seemed overwhelming and I eventually found the practice that seemed to best fit me, it was challenging and exhilarating and HOT!

After 2 years of practicing at a studio I loved, I approached the studio owner about working in their energy exchange program; I was finished school and as of yet hadn’t found the right job. You know what they say about trusting that when things are right they come easy? Well, that initial contact led me to a receptionist position at the studio and 2 months later I began the process of buying into the studio. A year after first working there I was the sole owner and was enjoying both the challenges and rewards of owning a business I love.

I took Kim’s training in early 2013 and even though I didn’t know it at the time, that training would bring about change not only in my yoga teaching and business but in my whole life! Her program helped me to get really clear on the life I wanted and again through trusting the process I began to see that although I did not have a set plan, as long as I knew my vision I would get there. I knew that I wanted to be part of teaching other teachers. I knew that I wanted to work with people I genuinely like and respect. I knew that mentoring others would bring me fulfillment and utilize my gifts in the best possible way.

Working with Kim has been the most natural transition. We have very similar views on yoga and life and we compliment each other’s strengths. I feel so blessed to have her as my own mentor and now as we transition into our role as teammates in this program I am excited to continue to learn from her and offer others this program that I know works.