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Alberta Hot Yoga Teacher Training premier Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Program with a proven record for producing highly respected and sought after graduates! This program combines comprehensive training in Yoga practices and personal development to create an opportunity for each participant to find within their own lives; clarity, purpose and passion. AHYTT has become well known around Western Canada, these past 12 years, for training teachers who not only have the technical skills needed to teach great classes but also the internal awareness to live authentic lives and encourage others to do the same.

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200 Hour Training

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{To become successful in yoga, life or in teaching yoga requires the ability to balance both the technical aspects of yoga with the heart and soul. The practical aspect requires gaining the technical skills required to become knowledgeable and proficient Hot Yoga Teachers. The true difference between a good yoga teacher and a great teacher is that they not only are extremely knowledgeable about yoga, benefits, class room management etc. but they have that extra something, the authenticity, ground and ability to role model living a life with clarity, meaning and purpose.

A great yoga teacher is clear about what they are creating in their own lives, is living a life that is meaningful to them. They are living authentically and are able to connect to others in a way that is inspiring. Teaching yoga is first about discovering who we are, being authentic, uncovering and understanding the unique gifts we have to give the world. In order to find true fulfillment and meaning in life we need to get rid of the ego and our “me, me, me, mentality”. We need to instead focus our energies on how we want to make a contribution in the world.

On the more logical side teaching a hot yoga requires a completely different skill set to teach than a “non hot” class. Energy, timing, voice, projection, transitions, etc. In the trainings we learn all of the basic technical aspects of the hot yoga poses, sequences, proper alignments, benefits, history, medical benefits etc. The teacher trainings ultimately are a balance between the technical and the heart so at the end of trainings graduates are very clear on who they are, where they are going in life, and have the skill sets needed to be strong and confident hot yoga teachers. If you ask people who have taken the trainings, most will say it was a life changing experience….

Yoga (and teaching yoga) can help us to transition into whatever we want to create in our life. It grounds us, opens our minds to new creativity, opportunities and possibilities. We all have unique gifts to give the world and our true job is to discover our gifts and offer them to the world; each doing our part to make the world a better place. In doing so we create fulfilling and meaningful lives. This is what these training sessions are about. Join us and transform your life!



Brook D.

“Amazing experience. Self discovery through yoga. Can’t wait until level II. I didn’t expect such an amazing journey, words can’t describe it. You just have to do it to know.”


Laurel H.

“Kim McMullen’s Level One Teacher Training course was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I learned a lot about myself and yoga. The people I met will be in my life always… will yoga.”


Alaynne W.

“This course was so much more then I anticipated. It was totally gratifying on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I know this course has transformed my life.”


Shelley G.

“Not only did the course enhance my practice and knowledge of yoga, but also it planted the seeds of positive transformation in the rest of my life. Kim is a teacher, a mentor and an inspiration. Thank-you.”

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